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Monday, October 25, 2004

John F'n Kerry & those uninspected containers

Michele Malkin really gets to the heart of this story concerning the man who would be king and his oft repeated 95% uninspected cargo lie that he is so fond of. I must admit that I have been waiting anxiously to hear John explain how he would remedy this terrible shortfall in our country's security. He hasn't said what percentage of the inbound containers should be inspected to be acceptable and he hasn't said how he would do the job if he is elected.

John hasn't said how many people he would hire to inspect all the containers or if they would be civil servants or untrustworthy government contractors and how much these people would get paid, and from whose pocket the money would come or where these perhaps thousands of new cargo inspecting employees would live around our crowded port cities.

Yet he can get his facts all wrong, ignore what has been done since 9/11 and keep promoting mumbo-jumbo as his plan for America. He's done the same thing by saying he wants to hire 40,000 additional Special Forces troops, without so much as a minute's consideration of where these folks might be stationed, or live with their families, or get medical care or how the military budget could fit this upsizing of our most elite troops.

I DO NOT understand how this jackass has gotten so much traction as to be a contender to be the president of this United States! He's a hollow self-aggrandizing tax-jacking liberal with no real ideas except for his own promotion and he cares less about America's future than he does about his next haircut.

So explain it to me John, what's your plan for fixing that "95% uninspected container" problem? Hmm?

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